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We are the top nationwide suppliers of Ajax Alarm Products delivered to your door. Ajax is wireless, smart and easily integratable with wired alarms.

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Ajax Hub Control Panels & Justworx IoT SIM Card

Hub 2 & Hub 2 Plus are based on the latest technology. Click HERE to learn about the difference between the Ajax Hubs. 

Hubs require a constant internet connection for remote communication. Insert a Justworx SIM card into the Hub to maintain connectivity during internet failures.

Ajax Range Extenders and Lightning Protection

Range extenders are not usually required unless the direct line of sight between the Hub and wireless devices are obstructed by large mirrors or steel structures. Generally one can expect between 50m and 400m range. 

ReX Range Extenders

Rex 2 for Hub 2 and Hub 2 Plus is MotionCam compatable

Surge Protection

Protect your Hub and Rex 

PSU for Hubs and ReX

To install Hubs and Rex on property or movable assets with no 220v power, replace the built-in 220v power supply with 6v or 12v PSU. 

NOTE: 12v PSU for Hub 2 is not compatible with Hub 2 Plus.

Ajax Controllers and Panic Buttons

Keypads are optional and not required for setup. It’s a good idea to include at least one SpaceControl for quick arming / disarming / panic should your phone/s be off.

Keypad PLUS includes a built-in Card / Tag reader for quick & easy arming / disarming.

Indoor Detection

Indoor Motion Detectors are designed for indoor use only, they are all pet friendly (small animals) with the exception of CurtainProtect. 

MotionProtect PLUS is normally used in Garages, Server rooms or other indoor areas where temperature fluctuations, light reflections for movement of curtains are expected. 

Door and Window Protection

DoorProtect PLUS includes a tilt and vibration sensor

Wireless Sirens

Actuation time and volume adustable

Outdoor Detection

DualCurtain is designed to be installed against buildings to protect doors and windows up to 15m on either side. 

Hoods are recommended for MotionProtect Outdoor to protect the masking sensors from false triggers during heavy rainfall. 

Ball Type Mounting Brackets are not an Ajax product and not required!! 

Third Party Integration

Ajax MultiTransmitter is used for the integration of existing wired alarm systems while the transmitter powers up and integrates wireless third party detectors with wired inputs.

Should your armed response company not have Ajax software installed on their servers, either uhfBridge or Ajax Relays can be connected to their radio transmitters. 

Optex HX30 is designed for high mount installations, e.g. patios to monitor over the top of furniture and obstructions. Takex 180 provides a 180 degree detection area however they are not advised if any trees, foliage or similar are in the detection area. 

Ajax Third Party Devices

Third Party PIR Kits

Automation Devices

Fire and Leak Detection

Ajax Alarm Kits

Available in Black and White


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