Ajax Alarm Products

We are the top nationwide suppliers of Ajax Alarm Products delivered to your door. Ajax is wireless, smart and easily integratable with wired alarms.

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Ajax Hub Control Panels & IoT SIM Card

Hub 2 & Hub 2 Plus are based on the latest technology. Click HERE to learn about the difference between the Ajax Hubs. 

Hubs require a constant internet connection for remote communication. Insert a Justworx SIM card into the Hub to maintain connectivity during internet failures.

Ajax Hub Accessories

ReX Range Extenders

Rex 2 for Hub 2 and Hub 2 Plus is MotionCam compatable

PSU for Hubs and ReX

12v PSU for Hub 2 is not compatible with Hub 2 Plus 

Wireless Sirens

Outdoor Detection

Third Party Integration

Ajax Third Party Devices

Third Party PIR Kits

Fire and Leak Detection

Ajax Starter Kits - Build Your Own!

Available in Black and White

Kit includes options between Ajax Hub and Hub Plus

Kit includes options between Hub 2 and Hub 2 Plus

Protect your possessions while on the move

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