Byrna HD Ready Kit

R4,999.00 Incl. VAT

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Not all situations require lethal force. That’s where the Byrna fits in.

The Byrna HD is a powerful, extremely effective CO2-powered personal security device and the only self-defense weapon that delivers a payload of Chemical Irritant (OC, CS, PAVA) projectiles, Inert projectiles, and Kinetic projectiles.

The no-recoil, easy-to-use, lightweight design of the Byrna HD makes it easy to learn and fun to shoot, and one of the best self-defence products for men and women of all ages and abilities.

No firearm license, no waiting periods and no background checks required to purchase and own the Byrna HD.

The Byrna HD is available in Safety Orange, Black, Desert Tan, Grey, Green, Hot Pink, and Bright Yellow.

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Byrna HD Ready Kit

Extremely Effective CO2 powered non-lethal security device that delivers a payload of a chemical irritant (OC, CS, PAVA) and solid projectiles.


No License required, No background checks, No waiting periods


Non-Lethal, Accurate, Powerful, Reliable, Easy to Use, Point & Shoot and No Recoil.


6 Colours, Easy to Customise, Customisable sight, Accessory Ready

Form Factor:

Looks and feels like a concealable handgun, allowing its owner to de-escalate a situation simply with its presentation.

Effects include

Uncontrollable tearing, involuntary closing of the eyes, burning and redness of the eyes and exposed skin, coughing, gagging and shortness of breath, loss of motor skills or muscle coordination.

What’s in the box:

New Byrna SD Kit available from 3rd May

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Safey Orange, Hot Pink, Desert Tan, Black, Green, Grey